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Global leader in the lubricant market that grows into a world-renowned brand
with outstanding quality and advanced technological capabilities

“ SK Enmove ’s key brand SK ZIC, which was launched in October 1995, was ranked no. 1 in brand power survey for 18 consecutive years and won the Global Green Management Excellence Awards. With this, SK ZIC became a strong no. 1 brand in the domestic lubricant. ”

SK Enmove ’s SK ZIC

In addition, the outstanding quality of SK ZIC has been recognized around the world.
The brand received top level certification from global major quality evaluation organizations like the API and the ILSAC.

We set and implement marketing strategies customized to meet the particular needs and features of each country so that we can take the growth opportunities in the emerging market and maximize profit. We built our own lubricant plant (in Tianjin in China) in order to meet the demands for premium lubricants. With fully localized strategies, we are trying to transform ourselves into a global brand.


In 2015, in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the launching of SK ZIC, we improved the existing product lineup and released a new SK ZIC product group with upgraded performance. With the launching of New (new) SK ZIC, we will further strengthen the brand's leading position in the market and step up our efforts to advance into the global market. All this will serve as an opportunity for SK Enmove to become a top global player in the lubricant market.

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