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CEO Message

SK Enmove will create new values and achieve innovation

Dear customers, SK Enmove has led changes in the lubricant industry with continuous changes and innovation to provide greater values to its customers.

01 Management philosophy of
continuously innovating itself
for customers.

In the early 1990s, SK Enmove commercialized the Group III manufacturing process, which had been considered incomplete, for the first time in the world. The company also has increased local production and logistics service infrastructure around the world, in order to provide enough amount of premium base oil and lubricants stably and at affordable prices to our customers around the globe.

We believe our position as the no. 1 in the premium lubricant market, which we have been maintaining for the past 10 years, is the result of implementing SK Enmove ' management philosophy of continuously innovating itself for customers.

02 bold decision-making for
investment and rapid

The lubricant industry is rapidly changing, even today. Also, the market demand for environment-friendly premium lubricants with improved fuel efficiency is growing rapidly every year.

Based on its bold decision-making for investment and rapid implementation, SK Enmove will reinforce its capability to deal with the trends in the lubricant industry. With this, we, as a company specialized in lube base oil and lubricants, will provide differentiated services and business opportunities to our customers and business partners.

We will further enhance our capability to provide our premium base oil products in the global market throughout the world.

03 Strengthening sales and
logistics network in
global markets

We will build a production base for Group III in Europe and Asia, to meet with the growing customer demand for premium base oil most efficiently and stably.

In addition, we will strengthen our capability and scope of meeting customers' needs by strengthening sales and logistics network in global markets such as Europe and Asia and by diversifying our product portfolio to include heavy base oil, ship oil, industrial oils, etc.

SK Enmove ' business map is changing every day, even now.
Please watch the future of SK Enmove with enduring interest and care. We will continue changing and innovating for customers' happiness,

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