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Title SK Lubricants Will Step Up Its Efforts Toward Chinese Lubricant Market Date 2017-11-20
Contents * A preemptive move toward a stronger marketing network in China, which is expected to become the world’s largest lubricant market in the near future
* Products will be supplied through the global tire giant, Michelin’s “Tire Plus” shops
* SK Lubricants’ Shanghai flagship store opened, spurring active promotion of its ZIC brand

SK Innovation’s subsidiary, SK Lubricants, has stepped up its forays into the Chinese market, the largest lubricant market in Asia, in a bid to strengthen its global marketing capabilities. Through a partnership with a global tire company, SK Lubricants has acquired 1,500 stores into its distribution network, headed by its recently opened flagship store in Shanghai.

From the 1st of this month, SK Lubricants will offer four transmission lubricant products of its ZIC brand through the global tire giant, Michelin’s “Tire Plus” store. This cooperation is expected to serve as the point of entry into the Chinese market for SK Lubricants, providing an opportunity to expand the sales of ZIC brands in general.

SK Lubricants has also opened a flagship store in Shanghai (上海瑾庆汽车服务有限公司) on the 8th this month. The flagship store specializes in the sales and promotion of the ZIC lubricant product lineup.

With its prime location on a major road connecting downtown Shanghai to Hongqiao International Airport and elegant interior design, the flagship store will serve as the point of introduction for the Chinese customers into the ZIC brand. The flagship store also incorporates a full range of automobile maintenance services, offering three lifts, two tuneup rooms, and a car wash facility. SK Lubricants expects the flagship store to contribute about 3,500 L of lubricant sales per month.

SK Lubricants has established its Chinese corporation in 2003, and has supplied the Chinese market with about 80,000 tons of lubricant products from early 2012 through its Tianjin facility. Contributing nearly 25% of the entire global sales for SK Lubricants, the Chinese market has become a focal point for the future growth of the company.


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