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Pursuing social value rooted in management for happiness based on
human-centered management philosophy

SK not only contributes to economic development but also grows together
with society by creating social value.

SK Double Bottom Line(SK DBL)

Moving away from the existing single bottom line that pursues only economic value and profits, SK desires to reflect in the management philosophy
the double bottom line (DBL) that pursues and manages economic value (SV) and social value (SV) at the same
time to realize sustainable stability and the growth of the company.

Double Bottom Line

Social value refers to the total sum of social performance of the corporate management activities that contribute to resolving “social problems.” Social problems can be defined as a state in which many members of this society suffer from structural problems that cannot be handled through individual efforts. Social value can be classified into “Social performance through business,” “Social performance through social contribution,” and “Social performance through contribution to national economy.”

Transforming the perception about
social value

The value of a business model (BM) can be defined as the sum of economic and social values. Social value was formerly recognized as costs.

Innovation for new BMs is our
core objective

Accumulating the experiences of making decisions that can increase the EV in the long run by increasing the SV while holding back the EV in the short run.

 DBL is not only the starting point for the innovation of business model and enhancement of corporate value but also the management strategy of SK group

Components of SKDBL

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