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Pursuing social value rooted in management for happiness based on
human-centered management philosophy

“ In 2018, SK innovation reached KRW 2.3241 trillion in terms of performance through indirect economic contribution, KRW -1.1885 trillion in terms of social performance through business, and KRW 49.3 billion in terms of social performance through social contribution. ”

SK innovation DBL performance

SK innovation aims to set the benchmark for improvement, rather than focusing on the scale of results, through DBL measurement. In particular, we plan to identify the areas and scale of the positive (+) and negative (-) impacts for individual subsidiaries and sub-sectors, and then set and manage objectives both to expand positive impacts and improve negative ones. In addition, we will enhance corporate sustainability by determining social problems related to business through social value improvement activities and utilizing the activities as opportunities for innovating business models.

Promoting resolution of
environmental problemstogether
with society

SK innovation aims to create diverse values by resolving problems together with the interested parties by nurturing social enterprises, collaborating with social ventures, engaging in social contribution activities, and campaigns as well.

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