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Pursuing social value rooted in management for happiness based on
human-centered management philosophy

“ SK innovation has shifted the direction related to the perspective about the economic value that has been previously pursued and has set 50% of the 2019 management objectives for pursuing social value. ”

DBL promotion strategy

Based on this, we have structured business activities in a way that can encourage active participation and cooperation of all members and make it possible for more fundamental change to take place. To speed up the transition to a low-carbon business model, SK innovation will establish an integrated mid- and long-term master plans for Green Innovation for itself and its affiliates, and will provide support for the subsidiaries and business units, which are actually responsible for individual businesses, to execute promotion strategies effectively.

Strategies for improving DBL performance

SK innovation will exert efforts to create sustainable environmental performance by innovating business models (BMs) based on existing businesses, while at the same time innovating business models based on social values to fill the gap in the long run.

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